BIO - Michael Blum (Producer) ATAS/PGA

Michael A. Blum is an Emmy nominated producer, writer, program developer and production executive with multi-cultural global and business start-up experience. Blum was the Executive Producer/Showrunner for the first three seasons (70+ episodes) of A&E Network’s hit magic and illusion series “Criss Angel – Mindfreak”. He has served on the start-up launch teams of networks, channels and entertainment brands now worth billions of dollars. Blum has created original specials, series and projects for HBO, A&E Network, AOL/Time-Warner, E! Networks, Showtime, NBC, USA Broadcasting, TRIO, KCBS, Regency and UTV International.

Under the MBLUMPROD banner, Blum garnered a reputation for cutting edge programming, streamlined production management and successful business launches including, Magic Casting (Hollywood’s first computer data based casting agency) UTV International (Asia’s largest private production house), E! Networks International Channel and USA Broadcasting’s “City Vision” network flagship station, WAMI TV. Blum serves as a consulting producer for World Peace One, Channel Labs, and Real Talk Media Group. He was a Consulting Producer for “WIRED SCIENCE”, the national PBS Primetime Science and Technology series.

Blum has set up productions and facilities all over the world, from a CMX Sports Thai Boxing Special on the border of Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), to heading PPV satcast production from Beijing, China for Big Vision and Don King Entertainment on the Holyfield vs. Ruiz Heavyweight Title Fight. Blum led a crew of 75 and was responsible for the import, export and set up of $5 million worth of broadcast equipment. Blum worked extensively in Asia as Sr. VP-Programming and Production for Fox/News Corp. subsidiary UTV Intl., (India’s largest private production facility and program supplier). Blum oversaw productions and staff in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta; launched and managed 3 physical studios and created 12 original 26-episode series garnering two TV Asia Awards. He was part of UTV’s sales team at MIPCOM and a creative consultant for Singapore’s Ministry of Defense (MINDEF).

On returning to the U.S., Blum served as a West coast producer/director for TRIO Networks. He helped repackage four new series and directed Whoopie Goldberg’s intros and promos for “Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts”, Marilyn Chamber’s for the “History of Pornography” and produced wrap-arounds with Patrick Stewart for “I Claudius” and Brendan Fraser for Executive Producer, Mel Stuart’s, “Twenty Unforgettable Photographs.”

Blum has created numerous large screen presentations and produced live events for Restless Record's, the 2002 RYKO Convention, BMG’s 1999, 2000 and 2001 conventions, a large screen presentation for HBO, featuring John Leguizamo, exhibited at PROMAX 2001 and a 20th Century Fox “PUMA” sizzle reel, exhibited on six giant screens over the Fox lot which featured over a $1 bil. of A-List “Regency Films” talent.

As an early adopter and advocate for broadband and new media, Blum worked with Jim Griffin’s Cherry Lane Digital and EVOLAB on launching five channel’s worth of original program pilots for a groundbreaking 24/7 web video/radio network. He and partners incubated ToplessRadio.Com, Topless Jokes Network, Just Joking TV, Digital Theater Company and Mindpops.Com. Blum went on to produce new media series for AOL including the “RED TOUR” and “AOL Kids Bedtime Stories” and continues to develop new broadband properties.

Blum is a long time music fan with over 350 concert production credits for Chicago based JAM Productions and for Festivals Inc. and Chicagofest. Blum was youngest stage manager at the nation’s largest music festival. Combining his love for rock ‘n roll with his television skills, Blum supported rock super-group Bon Jovi with three tours worth ("Crush" “One Wild Night” and “Bounce” Intl.) of jumbo screen concert videos. Working with director Anthony Bongiovi (TBJ Entertainment) Blum coordinated shooting and post-production in LA, NY and NJ on multiple formats including DV, 16mm, 35mm, 35mm wide, time-lapse, photosonic and HiDef. Blum also line-produced the hi-definition “Pretenders – Live Concert DVD” from the Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles.

Previous creative production titles held by Blum include: Executive Producer Late Night Series, Comedy and Variety Specials for USA Broadcasting/WAMI-TV, Producer/Writer for Showtime, E! Entertainment, and NBC's EXTRA. Blum received his LA EMMY nomination for the KCBS documentary pilot "Best Defense."

Prior to becoming a broadcast and live events show runner, Blum amassed 300 film/TV casting and set-coordinating credits as a principal owner of Magic Casting. Highlight projects included Disney's "Captain EO and the Space Knights" for director Francis Ford Coppola and star Michael Jackson, and the award winning short film "Brother Where You Bound" for music group, Supertramp.

Michael A. Blum originally hails from Short Hills, New Jersey and is a graduate of the Northwestern University Radio/TV/Film School of Communications in Evanston, IL. When not in “pre, prod, or post” Blum plays piano and keyboards, practices Spanish, reads, writes, travels and enjoys an occasional round of golf.

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